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Posted on November 11 2010

Hey buddy, I recommend you attend Bruce's school.  Photo: Louis Cahill
Hey buddy, I recommend you attend Bruce's school. Photo: Louis Cahill

Some fly anglers out there are lucky enough that they’ve spent a lot of time on the flats catching bonefish.

Others have done some fly fishing and have heard about bonefish, but haven’t ever caught one.  They think to themselves…”I’d love to go bonefishing, and mostly I’d like to fish for them, but a little bit of instruction wouldn’t hurt either”.

For that type of person, for the last three years, we’ve partnered with Bruce Chard to offer Bonefishing Schools at Andros South.

Bruce is one of those elite guides in the Florida Keys that you’re lucky to get a day with.  First and foremost he’s a great teacher, but he’s also an incredible angler, a ridiculous caster, and a ton of fun to spend time with on the water.

What’s Covered in the School

Bruce joins us at Andros South for a few weeks each year to teach Bonefishing Schools.  Guests in our schools spend the first day of the trip at the lodge, with Bruce teaching a variety of topics like

  • Saltwater rigging
  • How to read a flat
  • Bonefish gear selection
  • The ‘ready position’ in a flats skiff
  • Casting in the wind
  • And much more.

The rest of the week…everybody goes fishing!  Brimming with new flats knowledge and mojo, our school attendees head out on the flats and rail bonefish.  It’s as simple as that.

When is the School?

Bruce is teaching three bonefishing schools at Andros South this year.

  • November 13 – 20.  Yeah, it starts on Saturday, and it’s sold out.
  • January 8 – 15.  Right in the middle of  ‘Big Fish’ season on South Andros, and also sold out.
  • January 15 – 22.  Bruce’s third week has a few open spots, one of which might have your name on it.

Want to learn how to catch bonefish from the best of the best, in one of the most remarkable fisheries on the planet?  Drop us a line – we’d love to tell you more about Bonefishing School with Bruce Chard.

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