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Selecting Steelhead Flies

Posted on May 11 2010

Flies matter.  Photo: Tom Larimer.
Flies matter. Photo: Tom Larimer.

In the past month we’ve had Tom Larimer stop by our blog to give a 6-minute master class on spey casting anchor placement, and a 1-minute diatribe (well, for Tom it was a diatribe) on fishing your fly actively.  Today we hear Tom’s thoughts on picking which steelhead fly to fish – especially which color to fish when.

Sounds like flies matter.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to see Tom talk about steelhead flies on YouTube.

Here are the highlights:

  • Yes, fly color and design matter when you’re fishing for steelhead.
  • Bigger flies work better in colder water.
  • On a bright sunny day with color in the water, red is a great color.  If you’ve got sunny skies and really clear water, muted colors are better.
  • When the sky is darker or the water dirties up, colors like black/blue and purple are the ticket.
  • Orange is underutilized today.  Dirty water combined with bright skies makes orange a great choice.

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