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Serious Traction.

Posted on October 09 2012

Nap Time by Louis Cahill Photography
Nap time at Slide Run on the Dean. Photo: Louis Cahill

Want some serious traction on your rubber soled wading boots?  Load ’em up with studs!

You’ve got lots of options for studs these days, depending on who makes your wading boots.  For the Simms boots pictured above with StreamTread soles, Simms makes 3 different kind of studs.

  1. HardBite Boot Studs – ‘traditional’ screw-type studs with bits of carbide on the head.
  2. HardBite Star Cleats – bigger carbide cleats with more surface area, shaped to fit between the lugs on your StreadTread boots.
  3. AlumiBite Cleats – big old chunks of aluminum, again in a star shape, for maximum grip.

We feel like more is generally better in the stud department.  More metal means more surface area to grip, and studs with different kinds of metal in different shapes seem to grip better on a wide range of rocks.  Look closely at the photo and you’ll see we’ve loaded these boots up with all 3.

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