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Posted on September 21 2009

Anyone carry one of these?

A couple of weeks ago one of our readers, Bill Lenehan, sent in a great idea for a discussion on our blog. He wants to know what cool pieces of gear you bring along on fishing trips!

Here’s Bill’s background on the idea.

“The post from your experts on the one odd ball thing they keep in their bags was interesting. I thought it would also be interesting to reverse the question a bit: amongst your regular guests [or our readers], many of whom probably travel to fish all over the world, what ‘odd ball’ things do they bring that make their trip more enjoyable? It might be a piece of fishing equipment (i.e. some folks travel with large hard plastic fly line stripping baskets no matter where they go) or it might be a tool (i.e. corkscrew or a HAD neck sleeve [Buff]) or maybe something to make the non-fishing bits better (I would never go to Christmas Island again without a bottle of Tabasco; a beer koozie is great in the Bahamas). I have travelled to fish a bit and it always seems that there is someone at the lodge who has some great idea that clicks in a ‘why didn’t I think of bringing that’ sort of way.”

We couldn’t agree with Bill more. So let us know – what unusual pieces of gear do you bring along that make your destination trip more enjoyable?

Just use the comment form below and leave us all a note to let us know!

And by the way, if you’ve got an idea for a post, do like Bill and send us an email at We’d love to hear from you!

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