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Simms Harbor Shoes – Why We Like Them

Posted on July 19 2011

Simms Harbor Shoes
Just a good pair of shoes.

WARNING: This is not a very technical review.

Simms launched their line of Gore-Tex footwear this year, and we’ve been spending a lot of time since wandering around fishy places in their Harbor Shoes.  Are they revolutionary, containing some incredible new fishing technology not present in shoes made by ‘actual shoe companies’?  Nope.

We like them nonetheless!  Here’s why.

  1. They’re really comfortable, especially if you have wide feet.  The footbed is really accommodating, and the width also gives room for thicker socks.
  2. They’re well-vented so they breathe.  All those little holes in the side keep them from turning into foot saunas on the airplane.
  3. Our feet never got wet. We tromped through lots of puddles in Alaska and the whole Gore-Tex program worked just peachy.
  4. We think they look pretty cool.  We just do.
  5. We’d rather get our shoes from Simms than from some gigantic shoe company.  We just would!

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