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Simms SunGaiter – Why We Like It

Posted on May 11 2018

Simms SunGaiter review
Better than your average buff. Photos: Jason Whiting.

The jury is no longer out; prolonged sun exposure can be hazardous, and protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful UV-rays while on the water is important. That being said, the topic of controversial chemicals found in many popular sunscreens is an ongoing debate.

Therefore, when it comes to protecting your skin there’s no better protection than UV protective clothing and fabrics, which is why we rarely hit the water without some sort of neck gaiter (i.e. buff, face mask, etc) around our neck.

Not all neck gaiters are created equal however.. We think the Simms SunGaiter is better than your average buff, and today we thought we’d tell you why.

  1. Contoured to Stay Put. Unlike your standard ‘tube’ shaped neck gaiter, Simms’ SunGaiter is shaped to fit high over the back of the head and up over the bridge of your nose without getting in the way of your sunglasses. The result? Better coverage, more comfort, and less sliding down over the course of the day.
  2. Less fogging. Most neck gaiters have a tendency to fog up sunglasses on hot days. The SunGaiter’s vent holes over the mouth and nostrils along with the contoured fit across the nose and cheek help to reduce fog on your lenses, which is a really good thing.
  3. Neck coverage. Straight-cut neck gaiters often leave a small space of exposed skin on the back of the neck when worn with a crew-neck style shirt. The SunGaiter is cut with a long cape that can either be tucked in or allowed to ride over your shirt for full neck coverage.
  4. Cooler fabric. From our experience, the fabric used for Simms’ SunGaiters has a cooler/more breathable feel when worn. It also doesn’t ‘pill’ after use (common with some lesser neck gaiters on the market), which allows the fabric to breathe like new over the long term. Plus, vent holes help to keep the heat from your breath from clamming up the inside of the mask as well.
  5. Comfort. Hands down our favorite thing about the SunGaiter is that its simply more comfortable than most other neck gaiters we’ve tried. It’s cool, features a fabric with substantially more stretch than most, and doesn’t slide down nearly as much as many of the other neck gaiters we’ve used.
Simms SunGaiter review
Contoured to stay put.

If its about time for you to pick up a new neck gaiter (trust us, we know how gross they can get), we highly recommend picking up Simms’ SunGaiter. It comes in a bunch of really cool colors (‘glacier’ pictured above) and retails for $29.95.

For more information, check it out on Simms’ website by clicking right here, or pick one up today at your nearest Simms dealer.

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