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Simms SunSleeves – Why We Like Them

Posted on April 07 2012

Simms SunSleeves by Louis Cahill Photography
Just try 'em. Photo: Louis Cahill

Don’t laugh – just a few years ago a lot of us were making fun of Buffs, too.

Simms just came out with their SunSleeves, pictured above.  What’s a SunSleeve?  It’s basically a stretchy UPF 50+ synthetic tube that you slide onto your arm to help keep the sun off.  It comes up to the middle of your bicep, and there’s an elastic band at the top to hold it in place.

Why We Like SunSleeves

  1. They’re another convenient way to dodge the sun.  Cancer is bad.
  2. We like wearing short-sleeve shirts on the flats – coming from the Pacific Northwest, it just feels good.  When mid-afternoon rolls around and we’ve already gotten some sun on our arms, it’s much easier (and more effective) to pull on our SunSleeves than it is to grease up our arms.
  3. They’re really lightweight and cool – on hot days they keep your arms cooler than if they were bare.

We were skeptical when we first saw them, but all it took was a day on the flats and we were sold on the SunSleeves.

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