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Slikkers Custom Leather Fly Reel Case

Posted on February 26 2015

I can be kind of dangerous when there is money burning a hole in my PayPal account and after the leather fly reel case arrived from Lee Slikkers (which was highlighted HERE and HERE), I decided that I had to have another.  On most trips I carry a couple fly reels and many of the vintage fly reels don't always come with a case of any sort.  I needed to fix that.

I guess I was also thinking that hopefully decades and decades (and maybe a couple more decades) down the road that there now will be two leather fly reel cases to pass along to my children as heirlooms.  Or maybe it was just a good excuse to have Lee get all artsy on another leather masterpiece.  Either way, I have another and it turned out perfect.

The first leather fly reel case chronicled the beginnings of my angling experiences with brown trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout all caught in northern Michigan.  On this second case I asked Lee to come up with a design that would speak to the backcountry west where I've had some of my most cherished times on the water with friends.

The finished leather fly reel case features a cutthroat trout, brook trout, and a grayling (NOT a whitefish...) and the fly on the inside panel of the case is a bushy Yellow Wulff, which was the fly that caught a twenty plus inch Bonneville Cutthroat in Wyoming years ago, and an experience that I'll never forget.

If you would like to see more of Lee's work, please visit the Slikkers Split Cane website and follow along on his Instagram page as he's photography more of his work there as well.

Lee can be contacted by email if you'd like to discuss a leather fly reel case of your own.

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