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Spey Casting – Snap T / Circle Spey Basics

Posted on October 12 2010

Hmmm, apparently she knows where the fish live too.
Hmmm, apparently she knows where the fish live too.

It’s spey casting video time.  Whitney Gould makes an appearance today to walk us through the basic steps involved in making one of the most useful spey casts out there – the Snap T a.k.a. Circle Spey a.k.a. C-Spey a.k.a. Circle Cast.  It’s a great cast that just happens to have a lot of names.

Whitney introduces herself in this video like this  – “Hi, my name’s Whitney Gould – I’m a first-year guide here at Alaska West“.  While that’s technically true, this is a video about spey casting, and Whitney somehow left out the fact that she’s a former Women’s World Champion spey caster.  We’re not going to attempt to cover how fishy she is.

Anyhow, today Whitney steps us through the Snap T a few times.  There might not be anything groundbreaking here – just a minute or so of footage of one of the best in the world walking you through the cast that you might use most often.

If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here to watch Whitney make a few casts left-handed on YouTube.

Whitney’s Way Better Than You Are

Oh, by the way, Whitney doesn’t cast normally with her left hand on top – she was helping a lefty on this day and just thought she’d keep things consistent.  You’re that good with either hand up, right?  Awesome – Hey Dec, thanks for keeping up with our blog.

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