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Streamers 365 - The Comrade

Posted on April 27 2012

Some time ago Darren MacEachern of Streamers 365 contacted me to see what I would think about a Comrade streamer since he digs fiberglass and T.F.M.  I've likewise been extremely impressed with the Streamers 365 project and enjoy getting a daily email with a sharp looking streamer pattern which features a long list of notable fly tiers.  They are using this project for good and are raising money for a short list of favorite organizations too.   

I am extremely pleased to show you today the Comrade streamer which Darren created and I am stoked to have it featured on the Streamers 365 website.

Darren pulled the colors from the T.F.M. Comrade artwork and just thought about the idea of what a fiberglass fly rod is to come up with this stunning streamer.

Check out today's Streamers 365 post for more information and leave a comment on this blog post for a chance to win one of the Comrade streamers Darren tied.  I'll be keeping one for my personal collection and will be giving the other away at the end of the weekend.

Darren...thanks again.  I am looking forward to framing the Comrade streamer and having the matte cut for a round Comrade decal and a box to place the Comrade streamer beneath it.  It should look great in my office.

WINNER UPDATE - The Random Number Generator has spoken and Zac Church is the winner of the Comrade streamer and a T.F.M. Comrade t-shirt.  Congrats.

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