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Surfcasters Journal - Issue 3

Posted on June 08 2010

Yawn.  I worked until three o'clock this morning and am now pouring a cup of coffee, micro zapping a short stack of "polkadot" pancakes and cutting up fruit for the children's breakfast.  Finn has banana in his hair.  Hadley has syrup all over her hands from "doing it myself".  I many real life admissions in this blog post.

Over my bowl of cereal I opened the Gmail account and found the new issue (214 online pages long!) of the Surfcasters Journal waiting for a look.  Ah...Daddy time for a few minutes of page flipping.
I don't know why I like this online magazine so much since I've never surf fished a minute of my life but the material is quite captivating and certainly worth a few minutes of your boss's time. 

Well...Finn is ready for more cut up blueberries and we need to get ready for Hadley's swim class.  You can see that my life is not all glass rods and gear reviews.

More later with the announcement of the 1000 T.F.M. Facebook Fans Giveaway winners.  The T.F.M. Facebook page moved past 1000 Fans last night.  Thank you for being a Fan!

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