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SWIFT FLY FISHING EPIC 580 - The Five Weight You Need Now

Posted on April 13 2017

A good idea from a reader the other day sparked a conversation with Carl McNeil of Swift Fly Fishing and beginning this month we'll spotlight a different Epic offering with a good deal for the T.F.M. readership to take advantage of.

We are starting things off with the Epic 580 but the plan for these monthly posts will be to tell stories and highlight what anglers are doing with their Epic fly rods, which is often far beyond just dry flies and trout.  These fly rods are used the world over to tangle with a multitude of species and counting and I continue to be impressed by Swift Fly Fishing and the Epic offerings.

This post is also a great excuse to show off the photography of Jeremy Clark of Billie Jo and Jeremy Photographer of a past trip to the NZED backcountry.

 Carl McNeil wrote...  "Hailing from Charleston South Carolina, Jeremy (Jeremiah) Clark will be known to many T.F.M. readers.  His stunning images of low tide, marsh tailing Redfish are remarkable to say the least.

His work also takes Jeremy to New Zealand fairly regularly where he gets to beat up on some impressive backcountry trout.

A season or so back Jeremy and Epic Ambassador Jack Kós hit the New Zealand back country seeking to put a bend to two in the Epic 580.

Designed primarily as a dry fly presentation rod, the epic 580 has won favour trout anglers the world over

"Smoother than Barry White".  The 580 is super versatile and silky smooth this Fastglass rod presents with grace but has the strength and lifting power of a big five.

The Epic 580 is an extremely smooth and versatile fly rod and the perfect choice for dry fly fishing.

Our Epic™ 580 is crafted from Unidirectional S2 Glass, this material is stiffer and stronger than E-Glass or standard S-Glass.  The recommended line weight is AFTMA #5 for this 8' four piece five weight.

Swift Fly Fishing and Scientific Anglers have developed a range of fly lines to match our Epic line up of fly rods perfectly and for the month of April we are including a free Glassline with the purchase of either the Epic 580 Studio Built fly rod or the Epic 580 Ready to Wrap Rod Kit."

You may remember a past T.F.M. post which explained the affiliate relationship that T.F.M. has with Swift Fly Fishing.  Posts like this have the possibility of benefiting my pocket as well.  Thanks for clicking through the links in this post when making a purchase.

Have a question about an Epic blank or fly rod?  Please feel free to send me an email at  I am always happy to answer questions and give suggestions.

Lastly, be sure that you're following Jeremy Clark on Instagram HERE and HERE. The places and people that he and his wife share through their photography, is nothing short of amazing. 

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