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SWIFT FLY FISHING - The BIG Update & What the Heck is "Zentron"?

Posted on March 30 2018

Without saying anything out loud, Swift Fly Fishing has been working in the backroom for the past year on a big changes that are being announced in their latest blog post on their blog, The Drift.

Carl catches everyone up to date on where their blanks will now be sourced, explains what Zentron Unidirectional S-2 Glass is, what's better and why and finally how the new SnakeBelly finish will make for a stronger fly rod.  It's worth a read.

Change is inevitable in business and it really goes without saying that Swift Fly Fishing has been on an incredible rise since day one.  I'm looking forward to watching them continue to grow.  Look for a unrolling of an updated website, new additions to the line up and a few other surprises that Carl and crew have up their sleeves.

Jump over to the Swift Fly Fishing website and get caught up on the update.

P.S.  Am I the only one who's stoked that the Bandit is now available in four piece?  I am filing this one under "The Ultimate Travel 10 Weight".

P.S. #2  Now through Easter, use code "epic20" for 20% off a fly rod or fly rod kit order.

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