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T.F.M. STORE - Eagle Claw Featherlight & Crafted Glass

Posted on July 13 2018

So it's been quite awhile since I've had any sort of stock of Featherlight fly rods or spinning rods in the T.F.M. Store.  For whatever reason the local distributor that I was working with just stopped answering emails or taking phone calls so it led me to a more direct route of getting and keeping these offerings in stock which should make things quite a bit better.

In my opinion, the Eagle Claw Featherlight fly rod is the quintessential "first fly rod" or "first experience with glass".  Consider these the PBR of angling.  Cheap with a cult following and easy to grab from behind the truck seat or trunk anytime you can get just a few minutes on the water.  Are they my favorite fly rod or spinning rod?  No.  But did the Featherlight open a whole new world to me in fly fishing twenty odd years ago?  Undoubtedly, yes.

So, here is the line up of Featherlight and Crafted Glass fly rods and spinning rods that I will be offering in the T.F.M. Store.  I am also reducing the price from $45 to $40 shipped in the U.S.A. which includes T.F.M. decals and a Retro Fly koozie of  your color choice.  Additional discounts available if multiple fly rods, spinning rods or a mix are ordered. 

6'6" 3/4 Weight - Two Piece  
7' 5/6 Weight - Two Piece
8' 5/6 Weight - Two Piece

5'6" Ultralight Glass - Two Piece - 2-6 Pound Line Weight - 1/16-3/8 Ounce Lure Weight
6'6" Ultralight Glass - Two Piece - 2-6 Pound Line Weight - 1/16-3/8 Ounce Lure Weight
7' Medium Light - Two Piece - 4-8 Pound Light Weight - 1/16-1/2 Ounce Lure Weight

5'6" Light - Two Piece - 2-6 Pound Line Weight - 1/4-1/2 Ounce Lure Weight
6'6" Medium - Two Piece - 4-12 Pound Line Weight - 1/4-5/8 Ounce Lure Weight
8'2" Medium Heavy - Two Piece - 10-25 Pound Line Weight - 1/2-3 Ounce Lure Weight

All spinning rods can all be ordered as a combo with an Eagle Claw spinning reel.  Email for details.

Interested in placing an order or have questions that I can answer?  Please send an email to  I can take payment through PayPal, check or credit card.  International orders possible but shipping can get quite expensive.

Additional swag offerings in the T.F.M. Store and T.F.M. Decals pages. 

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