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Posted on December 05 2015

These took a couple rounds with the printer to get right but a big box of Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozies landed on our doorstep yesterday afternoon and I think I have a fun idea to help push these out the mail this week and next.

First, some background.  The Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozies are a high quality 2mm neoprene in green with red ink and red stitching or red with green ink and green stitching.  Nothing says tacky Christmas like these "Limited Edition" T.F.M. koozies.

This afternoon I am going to put together fifty envelopes and each one will include a set of Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozies and eight assorted T.F.M. decals.

Each package will be $15 shipped (international will run a bit more).  All orders placed today will ship tomorrow.  All other orders will ship the following week when I return from a few days away fly fishing in Michigan.

For those that purchase one of these "Limited Edition" Retro Fly koozie sets, I am going to run a photo contest that will start this week and end in mid-January.  I am still working out ideas for a prize package but anyone that's followed along around here knows that the swag is unbelievably good.  I'll push out more details as this giveaway comes together.

For those that want to play once your Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozies have arrived, hashtag your social media posts with...
  • #glassisnotdead
  • #tackytfmchristmas
Email submissions will also be accepted.  I'll work out the rest of the details on the photo contest soon.  I just need to get past this trip to Michigan and the 12 Days of Christmas which is coming up soon too.

To purchase a set of Tacky Retro Fly Christmas Koozies with T.F.M. decals, please email

Payment can be made through PayPal, check, or credit card.

Please email if you'd like to place an order or if you have any questions.

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