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Tangled Up in the Mangroves? Don’t Give Up!

Posted on April 05 2016

Fly Fishing for Bonefish.
Pat didn’t give up. Photo: Michael Gracie.

We were recently sent the photo above from our good friend, Pat Virnich, after his most recent visit with us at Andros South. To accompany the photo, he also shared with us a brief story about this very fish, along with what he learned in the process. We thought it was a good lesson, so today we thought we’d share Pat’s insight with you!

According to Pat, after hooking up, the bonefish above ran immediately towards the mangroves within the early stages of the run, wrapping ‘hopelessly’ around a cluster of line shredding branches (sound familiar?).

Those who have fished for bonefish before know that this first run is far from the end of the battle. Most bonefish take two or even three runs into the backing. Therefore, a fish wrapped up in the mangroves during the first big run is a really, really, tough fish to get to hand.

That’s not to say it can’t be done though!

In fact, upon realizing the water was too skinny to follow the fish in the boat, Pat quickly hopped out of the boat towards his fish (he’s agile like that).. And wouldn’t you know it, he was able to reach the mangrove and free up the fish before the line broke. The fish then made his second run, and Pat was able to get him back on the reel to land his fish like a champ.

The moral of the story? Even if that bonefish takes off into the sticks.. Don’t give up! Believe it or not, we hear about a lot of fish landed after being wrapped up deep in the mangroves. Keep fighting until there’s nothing left to fight, and you just might be pleasantly surprised!

Good work Pat!

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