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Targeting Giant Bonefish

Posted on June 12 2007

Big bonefish have a way of getting a person’s dander up. They snub their noses at perfectly good presentations, reject the flies that work so well on their smaller brethren, and generally succeed in baffling the slickest fly fishers among us. Why bother? you might wonder after a morning of throwing flies to fish whose response to your perfect casts has been to move ten feet to the right and start tailing again.
Well, the reason is simple. A bonefish over ten pounds is an awesome fish.
This week Tim Mahaffey, who is the only angler in history to win all of the major fly fishing invitational tournaments in the Florida Keys, shares his secrets on flies, gear, and presentation for approaching and landing big bones in “Targeting Giant Bonefish.” His tips are useful not just for tournament-level flats anglers, but for anyone who enjoys sight-casting in saltwater.
You should also check out Tim’s terrific fishing blog, “Tournament Tails,” which he regularly updates with advice on advanced saltwater fly fishing techniques. Good stuff.

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