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Tarpon: Dalu's Keys Triple Crown

Posted on July 15 2008

Having been born and halfway raised in Charleston, it doesn’t surprise me that the Post and Courier, which was founded in 1803, would take a month to come up with a story about resident David Dalu’s triple crown win in Florida tarpon tournaments this year. It has to do with the half-century “waiting period” for new arrivals, I think. But columnist Tommy Braswell wrote the most thorough piece yet about Dalu’s phenomenal win: “Dalu didn’t catch his first tarpon on fly until 2002, but in five years has reached the pinnacle of tarpon fishing. ‘Last year was my first year of fishing tarpon tournaments in the Keys,’ Dalu said. ‘I fished with my friend Scott Collins, and we fished the Golden Fly and had the most releases. We fished in the Hawley last year and won, the first time a new angler had ever won.'”

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