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The Coming Carpocalypse

Posted on July 11 2013

This week I interview Adam McNamara of Orvis Portland in one of our continuing series of carp podcasts.  As usual, I learned some hot new tricks (like how to imitate a clam with a fly!) and I am sure you will as well.  Adam is the founder and organizer of Carpocalypse, one of the best carp events in the US.  Also, to begin we talk lots of trout for those of you who turn down your noses at carp:  how to tell the number of a fly line if it isn’t labeled, adding tippets to braided leaders, what to do about refusals to dry flies, using wading boots without waders, tips on grass carp (oops), and what I think about people “spot burning” unknown fishing spots on the internet—if you care what I think.

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