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The Flow Skiff from Adipose Boatworks

Posted on January 22 2011

The Flow Skiff is the first and currently only model offered by Adipose Boatworks.

Adipose Boatworks‘s Flow Skiff is 15-feet 4-inches long and has a 58-inch-wide bottom. This gives the boat a large footprint on the water, allowing it to float higher and drier. This wide footprint makes the boat more stable when weight is shifted from side to side, reducing the wake that the boat puts out. Why is this important? When you are fishing to rising fish, many times the boat wake will put the fish down or make them aware that you are near. Lateral stability also means that when an angler leans to one side of the boat it doesn’t tip as much as with a steeply tapered hull, making it easier on the oarsman.

The Flow Skiff is hand-laid and -rolled with a limited amount of chop (fiberglass material), making the thickness of the boat more uniform and lighter.  Low sides also make the boat lighter than a traditional drift boat.

A feature that is only found in the Flow Skiff is Adipose’s rod trays. Since the boat is more square than a traditional drifboat, rods can be put straight into a 10-foot tray and can be taken out and put away by either angler without having to “fish” them through any holes. This allows for multiple rods to be rigged and easily available to each angler– without interrupting rowing.

The Flow Skiff has an MSRP of $9495 with all available options.

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