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The Unspookable School

Posted on June 13 2011

Bonefish School
Here's a little school for you...

Duranglers fly shop owner Tom Knopick hosted his second annual trip to Andros South during the last week of April this year.  We asked Tom for a couple of anecdotes from his trip, and he sent us this one about a group of fish that was happy to play.

The Unspookable School

Success on the bonefish flats has lots to do with weather conditions, and with sunny skies you just get more shots. On the second day of the trip Jordan and I were fishing with Andros South guide Ellie. Ellie is a great guide with awesome eyes and great communication skills. I was on deck getting only few shots with cloudy skies and not hooking up. We decided that switching anglers might change our luck and Jordan was up.

After only 10 minutes Ellie poled the skiff around a small mangrove island in the lee side of the wind. The water went to glass and the sun came out, and right on cue a school of bones appeared 25 feet in front of the boat. Jordan’s first cast missed the school to the left and the 2nd cast missed to the right, but the school just kept slowly cruising. The next cast was long and right through the center of the fish but they didn’t spook – they just parted and came back together. Once back together the school did an about-face and swam right over the fly – two strips and fish on!

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