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Think Like a Scared Shrimp

Posted on October 21 2011

Shrimp Fly by Louis Cahill Photography
Make me look scared. Photo: Louis Cahill

Yeah, we’re right in the middle of our Bruce Chard permit fly presentation series, but that’s not going to keep us from running a great little nugget of a bonefishing tip from Bruce.

Dive Like a Shrimp

If you’re a little shrimp on a white sandy flat and you see a bonefish coming along, you only have one defense – dive to the bottom and hide.

If you can imitate this movement with your fly, you can trigger a bonefish to attack and inhale it, instead of just nipping at the end of your fly. If you make multiple strips on a bonefish and he doesn’t eat, stop stripping and let your fly dive to the bottom.  Then watch the fish follow, usually eating it as soon as it hits the bottom.

This can be tricky, though. Since you just paused to let it dive, you’re not tight to the fly at this time, so you you have to strip right away when you see the fish go down on the fly. Be ready to come tight when you make your next strip after the drop!

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