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Timeless Tips: DIY Sunglasses Retainers

Posted on February 13 2018

Easy Sunglass Retainers
Finished product. Photos: Kyle Shea.

Call them what you want – retainers, chums, croakies, whatever – but that simple strap on the back of your sunglasses is invaluable in making sure your shades don’t end up in the drink. Whether you’re sporting some gas-station budget shades or a pair of 250 dollar Costas, the fact is, losing your sunglasses stinks.

Should you leave your sunglasses retainer at home on your next fishing trip, not to worry – you can make your own! Don’t risk losing another pair to the river – all you need is a short piece of old fly line. Check out how.

Easy Sunglass Retainers
Step 1: cut fly line.

Cut a short piece of old fly line, approximately three feet long, and cut in half. Small parachute cord, a shoelace, or even heavy backing would work as well, but style points go to the gnarliest fly line.

Easy Sunglass Retainers-2
Step 2: tie nail knots.

Nail knot a piece of fly line to each earpiece of the sunglasses (here’s a video on how to tie a nail knot without a tool, nail, etc.). Make sure to tighten the nail knot enough to hold but take care not to break the fly line. The number of wraps is personal preference as to what is the most comfortable on your sunglasses (the nail knot in the photo was tied with ten wraps).

Easy Sunglass Retainers-3
Step 3: tie blood knot to length.

Measure the distance you want your sunglasses to hang around your neck when not on and tie the two pieces of fly line together using a 3-4 turn blood knot. Trim all excess ends and smooth out any sharp edges.

Finished product at the top of the post!

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