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Tippets: America’s Public Lands, Rainbow Trout and Steelhead

Posted on November 01 2016

  • Steve Zakur writes about the growing pressure to shift federal lands to state hands. He warns that the West only need look to the East for an example of how that would turn out. “I guarantee that those in the west don’t want what I have, but they may not discover this until it’s too late. And, if history should serve as a lesson, there’s no going back once it has begun.” Via Hatch Magazine.
  • Louis Cahill writes about the relationship between rainbow trout and steelhead in this recent article via Gink & Gasoline. “Think of those resident rainbow trout as a genetic savings account. Minimal to moderate growth, but lots of security. By diversifying the steelhead genetics, these rainbow trout insure diversity in the steelhead population. This makes them more resilient as well as the promise that their genes are stored safely in the river.”

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