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Tippets: Angling Author Pseudonyms, Tips for Tying Efficiency, Thailand’s Walking Cavefish

Posted on April 15 2016

  • Angling authors have often used pseudonyms when publishing their works. An interesting new page via Wikipedia highlights the people behind the writing. Read more here.
  • Bob Reece offers great tips for preparations that will make your time at the vise more efficient. “The tips in this video are not meant to rush you through the process of creating your flies. Instead, I hope they serve as methods that help you to become more productive and efficient in your creative pursuits behind the vise.” View the instructional video via Orvis.
  • A new study on a walking and blind cavefish in Thailand gives insight into the evolution of fish to land-vertebrates. “This is one of the first fish we have that is a living species that acts in a way that we think fishes must have acted when they evolved from a fluid environment to a terrestrial environment at the very beginning of the fin-to-limb transition when the first limbs evolved in our earliest ancestors,” says research lead Brooke Flammang. Via EarthSky.

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