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Tippets: Bolivian Gold, Drone Fishing, Stealth Wading

Posted on May 12 2016

  • “The conquistadors were right,” writes Sarah Grigg, “there is treasure hidden deep within the jungle.” Read her piece about fly fishing Bolivia for dorado and community-based conservation programs that are giving local communities a stake in the sustainability of their fisheries. Via Fly Fisherman.
  • Drones have been outlawed in some states for use when hunting, and the same concerns over ethics and fair-chase are on the horizons for fishing as well. This post from Gear Junkie highlights the issue.
  • Sound moves faster through water than air. And Jason Tucker writes great advice for stealth when wading. “Approach within casting distance and then stand STILL. This includes not shuffling your feet while you cast. Your success rate will go up, trust me.” Via Gink & Gasoline.

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