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Tippets: BTT’s Tarpon Tagging Program, Saving Pallid Sturgeon, Beavers and Trout

Posted on August 03 2016

  • Jonathan Wright reports on the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust’s tarpon tagging program, which began in May 2016. “We just received report of the first tarpon detection from BTT’s acoustic tarpon tagging program, and it has provided fascinating new insight on tarpon movement.” Read more via Fly Fisherman.
  • Pallid sturgeon have managed to outlive the dinosaurs, but after millions of years of survival only about 125 wild pallid sturgeon remain. “And if something isn’t done to save this endangered species, it could vanish forever,” writes Joanna Klein, “all because of what’s going on at a single dam in Montana.” Via The New York Times.
  • Beavers and native trout evolved together in North America. However, beavers are often blamed for habitat alteration and destruction. Phil Monahan examines both sides of the issue in this article which was originally published in TROUT.

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