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Tippets: Flies and Lures, Fly Fishing Iceland

Posted on September 05 2016

  • The increasing amount of fly materials means an increasing amount of creativity in fly patterns. Alan Bulmer writes about tying flies that mimic conventional lures in a recent article on Active Angling New Zealand. “The advances in fly tying technology are leading to a blurring of what is a fly and what is a lure,” writes Bulmer. “Rather than bother to try and separate the two, let’s embrace both and create more hybrid designs that fish find irresistible.”
  • Ross Purnell writes about a recent fly fishing trip to Iceland and the country’s protection of its Atlantic salmon populations. “Because of Iceland, at least we know there is an oasis of wild salmon out there in the North Atlantic. In Iceland, these great fish have a shot at persisting, and if you’ve got the time and the money, they are there for you, waiting with sharp eyes in clear, cold rivers.” Via Fly Fisherman.

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