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Tippets: National Monument Review, Maintenance of Little Goose Dam, Battle on the Upper Delaware

Posted on June 14 2017

  • The Department of the Interior is currently reviewing national monuments designated since 1996, which could lead to a cut in protected areas. Some monuments under review contain important coldwater fisheries and access for anglers. Take action here to voice your opinion to your U.S. Senators and Representatives.
  • Poor maintenance of debris screens at the Little Goose Dam on the Columbia River has been killing salmon and steelhead. And “fisheries managers have been busy implementing new restrictions to deal with record low returns of salmon and steelhead on the Columbia.” Read more from John Twa via Dam Sense.
  • Jeff Skelding writes about the battle over water on the Upper Delaware River in this recent article in The New York Times. “The Upper Delaware is a fragile ecosystem, and now it is threatened by a bitter dispute between New Jersey and New York City over water availability,” writes Skelding, “and how much should be released into the river for the fishery and downstream states from reservoirs that provide water to the city.”

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