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Tippets: Persistence of Pike, Fly Choice vs. Presentation, Tying the Steelhead Bugger

Posted on January 26 2016

  • David Goodrich writes about fly fishing for pike in an inhospitable environment.  “We forget about what it takes to survive. Our buttons and knobs that complete simple tasks lead us to believe that a fish can be an annoyance, a nuisance.” Read more via Backcountry Fish Nerd.
  • In a short instructional video, Bill Spicer of The New Fly Fisher and Bryan Eldredge of Falcon’s Ledge discuss the relationship between fly choice and presentation. Learn more here.
  • A species-specific spin on the classic Woolly Bugger, the Steelhead Bugger “can imitate a stonefly, a leech or in the right color combos a crayfish. Change colors and sizes for different looks.” Learn how to tie the pattern from Fly Fish the Mitt. Via Franken Fly.

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