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Tippets: Salmon Night Vision, Putin Shelves Zhupanova River Dam, Napa Steelhead Recovery, Saltwater Fish Protection

Posted on November 25 2015

  • Scientists have discovered that salmon, along with other freshwater fish and amphibians, can supercharge their eyes in order to give them the ability to be able to see red and infrared light. Via Tech Times.
  • Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has refused to fund a proposed a hydroelectric dam project on the Zhupanova River on the Kamchatka peninsula, which is famous for its world-class trout fishery. Via The Wild Salmon Center.
  • A draft federal plan proposes 170 suggested trout recovery steps for the Napa River watershed, including construction of a fish ladder on the spillway at Conn Dam, which would help movement and migration of steelhead trout in local waterways. Via Napa Valley Register.
  • An international team of ecologists and economists has predicted a global collapse of saltwater fisheries by 2048. “It’s not too late. We can turn this around,” says Boris Worm, PhD, of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. “But less than 1% of the global ocean is effectively protected right now.” Via CBS News.

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