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Top Bonefishing Posts of 2011

Posted on December 20 2011

Tidal Flat by Louis Cahill Photography
And many of our top photos this year came from: Louis Cahill

It’s  become a tradition here at the Deneki blog – around the end of each year we run a little series of lists of the most popular posts on our blog during the year.  We want to make sure you don’t miss out on the good stuff!

Since we’re catching bonefish right now, we figured we’d start with bonefishing.  Have a look.

Our Most Popular Bonefishing Posts of 2011

  1. What’s Your Favorite Bonefish Fly? –  Just a poll we ran asking that simple question.
  2. Bonefishing 101 Announcement – We packaged up our best bonefishing tips and gave them away in a free downloadable guide.
  3. Casting on the Flats – Our top three tips for doing just that.
  4. Don’t Wear a Red Shirt – In which we tell a shirt story that starts off sad but ends up happy.
  5. Rio Alloy Hard Mono – It’s our favorite material for bonefish leaders.
  6. Idylwilde Bonefish Flies for South Andros – We give you our top five recommendations.
  7. Bonefish Rods for Different Conditions – Tom Larimer writes about which rod to fish, when.
  8. Bonefishing Gear Roundup – It’s a list within a list – popular posts on bonefishing gear.
  9. Reading Mangrove Flats – A great video from Aaron Adams of BTT fame giving science to help your fishing.
  10. Rub Your Fly in the Sand – Your last step before you start bonefishing!

FYI, our most popular page about bonefishing of all time, by far, is our All About Bonefishing roundup page.  Check it out if you haven’t already.

Popular Bonefish Posts from Other Years

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