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Posted on July 04 2015

Fly Fishing for Chum Salmon
Big, bright, and caught on a spey rod.. What’s not to like? Photo: Tosh Brown.

Our Alaska season is underway and right now and our rivers are starting to fill up with big, bright chum salmon.

Chums are one of the most underrated game fish out there. We’re not exactly sure why.. Perhaps it’s the name. After all the word ‘chum’ is not overly endearing. Or perhaps it’s because in days past they were fed to dogs, hence why they’re also called ‘dog salmon.’ Or maybe it’s because they’re constantly over shadowed by other awesome species like king salmon, and rainbow trout.

Whatever the reason, we think they’re one bad-ass fish on the fly. So, today we’re coming at you with..

Top Posts on Chum Salmon

  1. Chum Salmon – Fly Fishing Techniques. All about our chum fishery at Alaska West, courtesy of Brian Niska.
  2. Chum Salmon on Swung Flies. Chums don’t just eat swung flies, they hammer them.. Read all about it here.
  3. Ode to Mr. Chum. A great post by Tom Larimer on what chum fishing is all about.
  4. Pink Pollywogs and Poppers. Yep, chums are known to take surface flies on our river from time to time too.
  5. Swinging for Chums. Not one, not two, but 10 reasons we think you should try swinging for chums on a two-hander.
  6. A Lesson from Ol’ Chumley. Chums have a reputation for breaking rods, here’s how to avoid it.

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