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Top Trout Fishing Posts of 2010

Posted on December 16 2010

Man, what a year of posts about trout.
Man, what a year of posts about trout.

We’re nearing the end of 2010, so as dutiful members of the media we figured it was time to run a series of posts looking back on some highlights of the year.  Since it’s really all about the fish, we decided to group these little roundups by type of finned friend.

The formula is pretty simple.  We pick a category (e.g. “Trout Fishing”).  We figure out which 10 posts in the category got viewed the most during 2010.  We list them for your pleasure, just in case you missed any of the highlights along the way.

So here we go: our 10 posts about trout fishing that got viewed the most in 2010.

  1. Bead Fishing for Rainbow Trout – Beads work well for trout in Alaska.  Read all about it here.
  2. What is This Fish? – Garrett caught a good one in Chile.  Depending on your vote, it might not belong in this list.
  3. Mend Less. – Don’t get too fine when you’re fishing the Kanektok.
  4. Mousing for Rainbows – 5 Tips – Just what it says.
  5. Mr. Hankey – A Deneki-alumnus-designed mouse pattern.
  6. Secrets of the Flesh Fly – What you might not know about what rails lower river rainbows.
  7. Spey Fishing for Trout – Tactics – You’ve tried it, right?  Here are some tactics to use.
  8. Awesome Brown Trout – Just a picture of a really cool fish.
  9. Streamer Fishing with Bass Weights – We do it in Chile.  It’s not pretty but it works real good.
  10. Trevor Covich’s Streamer Rig – He’s a guide prodigy in Alaska and Chile, and he fishes streamers well.

Next up, next week: our top bonefishing posts of 2010.

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