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TROUT Media Review: Hatch Finatic Reel

Posted on February 14 2018

Another improvement of an original, the “innards” are still the same, the smooth-starting drag system that took Hatch from zero to hero… from unknown to the top of the fly-fishing food chain in less than a decade. And durability? We’ve fished the same Hatch reels from Tierra del Fuego, to Alaska, to Russia, to the Bahamas, to the Amazon jungle, and have never had to do anything but rinse them off. The new ones come in beautiful colors, one of which will be paired with the Scott G for the year-end match campaign. $430 and up;

TROUT Media, the print/digital/and social media arm of Trout Unlimited, is partnering with Angling Trade Magazine to create insightful, honest, reporting and gear review content in the fly-fishing space. Both entities will be sharing various written reviews and videos on their respective platforms going forward.  TU will bring reviews by everyday anglers, for everyday anglers, while Angling Trade will bring insights from professional editors who have been exclusively focused on the North American fly-fishing market for over 15 years.  It will be a mix of gear reviews unlike anything produced to date.

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