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Trout Unlimited and Untamed Angling Come Together for a Special Trip to the Rio Marié

Posted on August 07 2017

Peacock-Bass-Untamed-AnglingTrout Unlimited (TU) and Untamed Angling are joining forces to create a special trip to the Brazilian Amazon to fly fish for peacock bass at Rio Marié. From October 26 though November 2, 2017, the two organizations are partnering to offer world-class fly fishing that supports the native community and its ecosystem. The trip, and possibly those anglers who join, will be documented in an upcoming book on jungle fly fishing by Kirk Deeter — a well-published writer and the editor of TU’s Trout Magazine.

In just three seasons, the Rio Marié has emerged as a unique destination for fly fishing for peacock bass. It’s scientifically proven that the river is home to more trophy peacock bass than any other river in Brazil, and anglers can also enjoy access to 500 miles of catch and release, fly fishing only water.

“The Amazon isn’t new to the angling scene, but the addition of this fly fishing only, trophy peacock bass fishery is the most significant addition to the sport in a decade,” explains Mike Michalak of The Fly Shop — the exclusive booking agency for Rio Marié. “When Kirk Deeter and TU climb into their float plane in Manaus, they’ll be heading for the new fly fishing frontier. When they touch down on the Rio Marié, they expect to find and fight the biggest peacock bass in the world.”

Untamed Angling also has a special relationship with the native Indians, which allows for exclusive access to the Rio Marié. Untamed Angling offers them support in return, with portions of each trip going to the local people to help preserve their culture and traditions.

Beyond supporting the native communities and ecosystem, portions of this trip will also support Trout Unlimited, and the far-reaching benefits are substantial. “Untamed Angling is proud of this new partnership with The Fly Shop and Trout Unlimited,” states Rodrigo Salles of Untamed Angling. “Our top commitments are environmental conservation efforts and our social responsibility for the indigenous tribes of the Amazon in the areas we work. TU’s mission and concept for North American trout streams are same as ours with Amazon jungle rivers and fish species. We’re really glad to have the very first TU hosted trip with our friend Kirk Deeter under this model launching at Rio Marié.”

About Untamed Angling:

Founded in 2001 by Marcelo Pérez, Untamed Angling takes a unique approach to destination fly fishing by combining catch and release fly fishing in exclusive areas with a significant social benefit to local populations and the preservation of natural resources.
This model project allows Untamed to explore the best areas for fishing while supporting local communities, cultures, and ecosystems. For more information about Untamed Angling, please visit their 
website and follow Untamed Angling on FacebookInstagramand Twitter.

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