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Try a Lanyard

Posted on May 30 2012

Lanyard and Nippers
This is a lanyard.

After years of digging around for the nearest set of pliers any time a piece of tippet needed cutting, your humble editor recently discovered the incredible convenience that is the simplest piece of fishing gear on the planet – the lanyard.

You use your nippers more than any piece of gear besides your rod.  Why not keep them right there in front of your hands where they’re going to get put into action dozens of times on a typical day?

Lanyard and Placket
Peek a boo.

Hot tip: when you’re fishing someplace warm, wear your lanyard under your shirt where it can’t tangle your line.  Peek it out through the placket when nipping is needed.  Technical, eh?

The Abel Nippers and Abel Lanyard are pictured in today’s post.  We think they’re the nicest versions of the heaviest-use tools in your kit.

Since we mentioned specific products by name today, we should probably go ahead and remind you of our Product Review Policy and FTC Disclosure.

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