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Tube Flies – Introduction

Posted on February 23 2011

Tube Flies - Introduction
Wait a second - those flies have no hooks!

Today we’re starting a little mini-series of posts featuring Eric Neufeld, in video format, talking about tube flies and how to rig them.

Who’s Eric Neufeld?  He’s an alumnus of Alaska West, and he’s the the Pacific Northwest rep for IdylwildeSimms and Ross, and he’s a smart dude who likes futzing around with his fly fishing gear.

We fish tube flies a lot at BC West, and more and more at Alaska West.  What are tube flies, and why should you fish them?  Those are excellent questions, and Eric will answer them for you in today’s video.

Have a look.

NOTE: If you’re viewing this in a newsletter or a reader, click here for an introduction into tube flies on YouTube.

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