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UMPQUA - Live Signature Tyer Sessions

Posted on March 25 2020

I've been impressed by how hard so many companies are working in the fly fishing and outdoors space in looking for engagement and diversions for their customers during the coronavirus pandemic.  Many are working from home and hot wiring technology and platforms to spark off something fun for the masses. 

Umpqua is hard at it and last night kicked off their Live Signature Tyer Sessions through their Instagram page.  These almost nightly tying sessions feature famed fly tiers from around the globe and these should be an interesting watch even if you don't tie along with them.

From the Umpqua presser...  "We feel that people need fly fishing now more than ever. The escape, the clarity and focus that you only find on the river are needed for our community to feel sane. While we realize that not everyone can get out on the water for a variety of reasons or local restrictions, we want to provide our community with a fun escape via fly tying. 

To do that, we have launched a series of live tying demos on our Instagram page. They have been engaging, super fun, with great storytelling, and incredible instruction. This is a unique moment as our Family of Signature Tyers who are typically on the water working day in and day out are largely available. With this pause, they are able to share stories, their passion, techniques and promote their guide business, shop, or their signature flies. 

Make sure to tune into the Umpqua Instagram page and join in on the fun, support our family of tyers, and local shops where you can get your fly tying gear. 

We are all one angling family, tune in."

Here's a look at the line up and a glimpse of what's coming soon.

Landon Mayer - Tuesday 3/24 7:00 pm MST
Andrew Grillos - Wednesday 3/25 7:00 pm MST
Alec Gerbec - Friday 3/27 7:00 pm MST

Matt Bennett - Monday 3/30 7:00 pm MST
Patrick Daigle - Tuesday 3/31 7:00 pm MST
Devin Olsen - Wednesday 4/1 8:00 pm MST
Lance Egan - Thursday 4/2 7:00 pm MST

Doug McKnight - Monday 4/6 6:00 pm MST 
Pat Dorsey 
Forrest Dorsey 
Henry Cowen 
Jeff Hickman 
Mike Lawson 
Charlie Craven 
Brian Silvey 
And many more are joining... 

Check out the Umpqua website if you haven't lately as they have a ton of new gear to check out and be sure to follow along with them on Instagram too.

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