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Posted on December 19 2015

Swinging for Chum Salmon at Alaska West by Bruce Chard.
Who doesn’t love an underdog? Photo: Bruce Chard.

In case you weren’t aware, yesterday was National Underdog Day. Seriously folks, we couldn’t make this stuff up.

So, in light of this major holiday (insert sarcastic tone), we’re coming at you with a photo of one of the biggest underdogs of them all, the chum salmon.

During the first half of our season at Alaska West, our river is teeming with bright, aggressive chums that are a super fun to target with both single and double handed rods.

How much fun you might ask? While chums don’t seem to always get the respect they deserve, take the photo above as an example. Both anglers pictured above are veteran guides at Alaska West. They’ve caught their share of what some would consider more ‘Gucci’ species, but as you can see they’re having a pretty good time.. We think that says a lot!

We don’t have to pitch how cool chums are to all of you who have fished for them before, but if you’ve never fished for them, take our word for it.. They’re one heck of a gamefish. Or, drop us a line to come see for yourself!

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