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Universal Gear Tip – Rinse Your Zippers

Posted on February 22 2017

Prolonging the life of your zippers on rain jackets.
Rinse it. Photo: Kyle Shea.

Fact: One of the most forgotten items by our anglers at Andros South is a rain jacket.

Regardless of where you’re fishing, whether in the North Country or the Tropics, being wet means being cold, and having quality rain gear handy is critical for staying comfortable on the water in adverse conditions.

However, when fishing in saltwater, like most things, salt can wreak havoc on expensive rain shells, greatly reducing the life of the jacket. Even the slightest amount of boat spray can cause zippers to corrode in a surprisingly short amount of time if left to dry, potentially ruining an otherwise perfectly good jacket.

We see it time and time again at Andros South, which is why we thought today would be a good chance for a friendly reminder – whenever wearing a jacket that comes in contact with saltwater, take a few seconds at the end of the day to rinse it down with freshwater (if the rain didn’t already do so of course).

And, while you’re at it, consider splashing freshwater on other gear with the potential to corrode as well – sunglasses hinges, zippered pockets on flats pants, wading boots, metal belt buckles.. Trust us on this one, a quick rinse at the end of the day will greatly extend the life of your gear in the salt.

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