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VICTOR AXE + TOOL: The Charcoal Collection

Posted on November 23 2016

 What started out as a serious case of "gear envy" several years ago has lead to a growing collection of Victor Axe + Tool items for myself and children.  I was gifted a Hudson Bay Axe several years ago for Christmas from my family and the next year I gifted Manitou Half Hatchets to each of our children.  Add to that a Waxed Canvas Tool Roll for keeping the outdoor tools close at hand and I guess you could say that I appreciate the hard work and craftsmanship of Victor Sultana as his small Michigan shop continues to grow.

This Friday Victor Axe + Tool will release "The Charcoal Collection" with six favorite pieces in this new colorway that are worth a look.

From the Victor Axe + Tool presser...
The strikingly, subtle Charcoal Collection re-releases six Victor tools and soft goods in an all-black color palette, with the intent to stimulate interest in sustainable, maintainable and enduring goods. Preorders will begin on Black Friday, November 25.

The soft goods are handcrafted in Grand Rapids, Michigan from black 9 oz. full-grain leather, 18 oz. waxed twill canvas, and brass hardware. The collection’s soft goods include the Waxed Canvas Tool Roll, Tool Duffel, and Log Tote. 

The USA-made axes and hatchet are finished with a matte-black stain and pure Linseed Oil, allowing for ongoing care and maintenance. Once finished, each tool is paired with handmade, brass-riveted leather head cover. The Charcoal Collection tools includes the Bolton 13” Half Hatchet, Seneca 23” Hudson Bay Axe and Emerson 28” Boy’s Axe. 

Charcoal Collection Product Details 
Waxed Canvas Tool Roll - This handmade, waxed canvas and leather tool roll organizes, protects and mobilizes your most versatile tools. Perfect for axe maintenance tools, art supplies and more. 

Waxed Canvas Tool Duffel - Your little beast of a companion for the tools you need at hand. Large enough to fit a standard-length hammer, one of our Half Hatchets, or even your auto emergency kit but still very compact and made from pliable materials with a low height profile to maintain packability. 

Waxed Canvas Log Tote - You could carry wood cradled in your arms, struggling to open doors on your way back to the fireplace while the creatures who've made those logs their home start crawling up your sleeve. Or instead, you could use the robust Victor Log Tote, carrying more in each trip. 

Bolton Half Hatchet - A 13" American Hickory handled Half Hatchet that features a generous cutting edge and a solid smooth-faced hammer. These tools are bred from a line of 'no nonsense' tools, built to get the job done.

Seneca 23” Hudson Bay Axe - A 23" fawn footed Hudson Bay axe that is the collective effort between Victor and Council Tool. Generally known as the sportsman’s axe, the Hudson Bay is an axe historically used by hunters and trappers. Compact for travel, with enough punch to get through most jobs. 

Emerson 28” Boy’s Axe - Like the Hudson Bay, this 28” axe is a right sized tool for everything from light log splitting, trailer work and felling. Drop forged in North Carolina and finished in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Visit the Victor Axe + Tool website for more information and be ready to place an order early on Friday if you want in on this new collection. 

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