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Wading Basics

Posted on April 09 2008

Runoff. No matter where you live, if you fly fish for trout that word conjures images of swollen rivers and unexpected challenges. And since big water is right around the corner for many of us, this is a great time to remind ourselves of safe wading practices.
This week on MidCurrent Dick Galland lists thirteen key bits of advice for wading safely and effectively, among them: “A wader belt is as important as a seatbelt,” and “Don’t die for your tackle.”

Lean into the current.
Always plant your staff upstream of your body, leaning into the current. Should you begin to lose your balance, the current will push you upright rather than downstream.
Keep your body sideways to the current. Facing directly upstream or down exposes you to the full force of the water and makes it difficult to maintain your balance.
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