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Warmer temp extends the fishing.

Posted on May 11 2017

Left camp early as I had a long walk to get to where I wanted to be on the WB for my date with the bugs and the fish.  Neither showed up.  At 2:00 I pulled the plug and returned to the car more lathered up than Always Dreaming after his Derby win. Drove over to the UEB and encountered more boats, cars and fishermen than I'd seen since the One Bug Weekend.

At 2:45 fishermen were sitting down (not a good sign) on the banks and in the boats.  Eighteen cars were divided equally between Long Flat and Powerline pools. I kept driving upstream until I found a pull off with no cars.  Looked over the bank, saw risers, (didn't see the boat just upstream) put on my vest and headed into the pool.

There was a modest hatch of the usual suspects plus some apple caddis.  The boat was anchored where the water was shallow enough for me to fish and I was left trying to fishing the deep part of the pool. I soaked both elbows casting to what turned out to be mostly two year old fish (10 - 12 inches).

After the hatch waned I headed downstream to a pool where I could again see risers and this time no one fishing.  Found the trout willing to eat my spinner but again the big fish did not seem to be up.

My last stop was at the tail out of a pool below Harvard.  There were spinners on the water and fish sipping them. There were also a half dozen boats fishing the pool (all of whom rowed by on the far side of the river and did not interfere with my fishing at all).  As luck would have it I hooked "the fish of the day" just as a boat was passing.  They sat and watched and even offered to net the fish (a 20 incher).

With the temp in the 60's the bugs got off the water quickly so it didn't seem like there were as many bugs as the past few days.  The plus side of the equation was the spinner fall which had the trout going until almost dark.  It's the first time this year that I found fish rising after the hatch shut down.

I don't know how other people did but May is "big fish month" and the fish that are caught are usually big.  Today  I had a passel of fish mostly between 10 and fourteen inches. The "fish of the day" caught on the last cast was the exception rather than the rule.

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