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Watch Your Fingers!

Posted on August 24 2016

Silver salmon teeth.
Careful! Photo: Jason Whiting.

Just a friendly reminder, the next time you’re handling a whole bunch of silver salmon, watch those fingers!

Most anglers are aware that certain species of Pacific salmon (especially chum salmon) can have some pretty gnarly teeth during certain phases of their lifecycle. However, contrary to popular belief, all five species of Pacific salmon actually have teeth, some of which can be pretty darn sharp!

As salmon begin to break down upon entering fresh water, their gums also start to recede, often unveiling a mouth full of sticky-sharp teeth. Some species however have some pretty nasty teeth from the start.. Sort of like the chrome bright, sea-lice ridden, silver salmon shown above!

So, the next time you’re putting a hurtin’ on silvers, be careful where you’re putting those fingers!

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