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Welcome Back G.Loomis

Posted on July 13 2016

gloomis_logoSure, G.Loomis never really went away, but from my casual observer’s seat in the business of fly fishing, it seems like Loomis took a type of sabbatical from fly fishing in recent years.  They were there, but not really “in it to win it.”  Not like they apparently are now.

The company introduced the “Asquith,” which from all I can tell doesn’t really mean anything—kind of like the fancy pharmaceutical names meant to ring a bell more than anything else.  But Asquith does show that Loomis means business.

It’s a Steve Rajeff creation.  Normally, I’d say, “enough said” and end the discussion there.  But I will tell you that this rod involves an entirely different blank-building process that works in a more “spiral” fashion.  I don’t fully understand the science yet, but it does have a unique feel and balance about it.  And it hoofs line.  It’s very easy to load and sling.

Whether or not it’s going to be easy to sell is TBD.  The blanks are made in Japan, and the rods are finished in Woodland, Washington.  There’s obviously a LOT of materials costs and R&D to recover, so this rod will retail north of $1000.

I’m not sure if anyone feels totally confident having flown through the four-digit barrier.  But I can tell you this:  People are going to cast this rod.  And when they cast this rod, they’re going to want this rod.  And in an era when people will pay $700 for waders, and $100 for nippers… I’m not going to be the guy who doubts that they’ll pay that money for a rod that does, genuinely, deliver performance.

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