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What Vise Do You Tie On?

Posted on June 07 2017

Fly tying at Alaska West
What’s your favorite? Photo: Greg Houska.

We love tying flies, and we know many of you do too. However, as much as we love telling you about our favorite fly patterns, tools, and materials in the world of fly tying, sometimes we like to hear from you! Today is one of those days.

That’s right, it’s poll time again on the Deneki blog, and we want to know..

What’s Your Favorite Fly Tying Vise?

  • Brand?
  • Model?
  • Rotary or fixed?
  • Pedastal base or c-clamp?
  • Why?

We get asked all the time what we prefer to tie on. We’ll be honest, there’s a lot of HMH and Regal vises kicking around our lodges.. However, we know many of you tie a lot of flies, for a lot of different species, so help out your fellow tyers and leave a comment below with your favorite vise and why!

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