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Whoa, Son! "Bass: The Movie"

Posted on March 04 2008

We just got wind of a new HowardFilms project that is due to be completed this summer. We even saw a rough cut of what they are working on. “Bass: The Movie” is Jamie Howard’s take on the sport (cult?) of U.S. bass fishing. From what we’ve seen, there are both flies and high-speed boats in the script — an interesting assembly of images. I wonder if Howard isn’t aiming to make the profane sacred again, at least from the fly fisher’s point of view. These guys are known for capturing saltwater panoramas and big tarpon clamping down on little flies. Are they going to take the Mr. Bucketmouth concept back to its roots? Should be interesting, especially since fly fishing for bass is probably more popular than saltwater fly fishing, even if it is less talked about and filmed.

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