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Why Andros South?

Posted on December 08 2011

Big Bonefish by Louis Cahill Photography
These fish don't live everywhere. Photo: Louis Cahill

There are dozens (at least!) of bonefishing lodges in the Bahamas.  It’s only natural that we often can asked this question:

“There are lots of bonefishing lodges in the Bahamas.  Why should I go to Andros South?”

We’ll keep things simple and give you our top 3 reasons.

The fishery really is different.

The waters around South Andros Island have an unusual combination of incredible productivity and very little angling pressure.  In some areas the numbers are mind-boggling.  Others have bonefish as big as you’ll find anywhere, literally.

Tons of wading.  Easy, practical access to the West Side.  Ocean side flats.  Interior flats.  Tidal creeks.  Inland wading.  Hard bottoms, soft bottoms, big schools, big singles, easy fish, hard fish.  Hundreds of square miles of flats.  It’s everything you could ask for in the world of bonefishing, and it’s not something you find on other islands in the Bahamas.

Our team is unmatched.

Our guides crew up on the waters around South Andros and know this incredibly complex fishery like the back of their hands.  They’re a great range of personalities, ranging from comedian to best friend to focused teammate.  All have incredible eyes and great skill with the push pole.  We never get tired of hearing “the best batch of guides I’ve ever seen”, but we hear it a lot.

Our lodge staff greets you with laughs and hugs, puts out legitimately fabulous food each day, and keeps the lodge nice and tidy – to real Western standards.  Our American and Canadian managers are professionals from the core Deneki Outdoors team; they ensure that our high standards of customer service are exceeded on a daily basis.  It’s the best of all worlds, and you won’t find a combination like it anywhere that’s not called Andros South.

We make it really easy.

Our pricing is simple and a great value.  All prices include single-occupancy lodging, all drinks including alcohol, no upcharge for singles and more.  We run trips of any length, starting on any day.  You can reschedule your trip with us for any reason, at no charge from us.

No surprises, no headaches, just everything you need, all in one number.  Easy!

We could, of course, given a dozen more ways that Andros South is different.  But we’ll leave it at the top 3.

If our lodge sounds like your kind of lodge, you should drop us a line so we can take you out on the flats!

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