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Why Pink Salmon Are Cool – 6 Reasons

Posted on December 27 2009

Pretty cool, actually.  Photo: Cameron Miller
Pretty cool, actually. Photo: Cameron Miller

True, not many anglers head to Alaska specifically to target pink salmon.  That’s OK though – we still think they’re pretty awesome fish.  Here’s why.

  1. Every other year there are billions of them. OK, not billions, but on even-numbered years on the Kanektok, our pink numbers are very, very large.
  2. They eat poppers. Find ’em where they’re fresh, and they’re more than happy to eat surface flies, and surface flies for salmon are cool.
  3. They’re a ton of fun on a 6 weight. It may not be a big-game experience, but fishing a lighter-weight rod can be a nice break when you’ve spent most of your week pulling on the big boys.
  4. They make a great shore lunch. Pinks don’t keep well in your freezer over the winter, but on the bank of the river, just minutes from swimming, they’re awfully delicious.
  5. They’re great for kids. We love hosting family groups, and pinks are ‘friends of the family’!  Easy to hook and fun to fight, but not too heavy or powerful…perfect.
  6. Their metamorphosis is pretty amazing. All salmon change physically when they enter fresh water, but a pink’s Jekyll and Hyde transition from silver and slender to pink, toothy and humpbacked is just a neat natural thing to witness.

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